A-Z of the[sounds of London] Underground [150th]

Ben Phaze è un Engineer of the London Underground as well a music producer and DJ so he has been making use of his acces to explore the Tube, seeking out sounds, unusual recording spaces and inspiration for music. You may recognize a lot of the sounds sush as trains, annoucements and ticket gates, but some are less familiar.

Upminster Windmill


[in the end there can be only one] This weekend offers another chance to visit Upminster Windmill, on the eastern fringes of the  capital. Upminster isn’t London’s only surviving windmill, but it’s arguably the most impressive. The ‘smock mill’ was constructed in 1803, and continued to grind out flour, bran and other products well into the 20th Century. It’s now one of the few surviving smock mills with working sails, and is Grade II* listed. Plans are afoot to reinstate the milling machinery and build a visitor centre. The mill will be open with free and regular guided tours (just turn up) through out its four storeys. Further dates are available throughout summer. It’s a short walk from either Upminster or Upminster Bridge stations on the District Line. The latter station also offers the sight of a curious swastika-like tiling pattern. 

Immagini [Mrkt]


Parlare di fotografia è sempre cosa difficile, in questo secolo di continue ‘nuove tecnologie’ e dove ‘tutto cambia’  alla svelta. Forse dovremmo parlare di IMMAGINI e non più di photo, anzi diciamo Digital Imaging, visto che ormai tutto è digitale. A tal proposito introduco Aaron Yeoman from Hertforshire. Dice che la passione lo ha pervaso nel 2009 al ritorno nell’isola di sua maestà, dopo un viaggio a NYC e dopo aver visto che gli scatti fatti con la macchina automatica facevano schifo. Da quel momento Aaron si è impegnato, ha studiato e ha comprato tutto il necessario per realizzare immagini di qualità. Sembra che prediliga i tunnels, gli escalator e le stations della London Underground.  Questo è il sito (clicca) , qualcuno vuole dire qualcosa ad Aaron??

113 or sono BANK !!


25 February 1900: The first tube station to be known as ‘Bank’ is opened, effectively replacing the old ‘City’ station and providing a link between the Waterloo & City Railway and the newly extended City & South London Railway (now part of the Northern Line). At the same time, nearby King William Street station is closed. Exit poll. Tuttocambia.

Busker [it could be you]

Busker.jpg[Roba X Musicisti]London Underground operates a busking licence scheme and, with spare pitches being as rare as hen’s teeth, when they come up, competition is stiff. There are around 200 active licensed buskers currently on the scheme, plying their trade on 37 pitches in 25 different stations. Over 150 licences will be available to successful applicants following the auditions.Applicants need to be over 16, and should email busking@tube.tfl.gov.uk by 1 February 2013. The licence is free.